We tried... tried and tried again...

... and finally we decided to give it up. Publishing a magazine is hard work. To produce one magazine takes many hours of researching, writing, editing, designing, reviewing not to mention hours of phone calls, emails, meetings and many late nights. Combined with the change of printed media to less glossy forms of communications, for instance web forums, blogs, e-zines and social networking sites... SMUK has decided to call it a day.

smuk's final thought

Skating is a social and recreational sport

Regardless how important you think skating is, or who you are, or how important you think it is for your team to win, lose or draw. Whether you are wearing the latest pair of skates, the fastest bearings or the tightest lycra - skating has, and always be about the skaters and the skating community - not individuals, the winners, losers or excentric characters of skaters. It's not about breaking the law or publically humiliating one another.

Skating is about skaters.

Whether you're a newbie to skating or been on 8-wheels for more than 50 years - we'd like to think the skating community can come together and work for a better skating horizon with a strong leadership, benefiting the skating community. SMUK hopes the numerous skating disciplines come together to actively support each other with shared resources: Coaches, Venues, Equipment and Expertice.

UK Roller vision & Strategy

UK Skating requires a long term strategy and vision to support, develop and grow at grass roots. The definition of Grass Roots has never been defined - so why committ to an action plan when the scope of the project cannot be agreed between the various disciplines.

Each UK Skate Discipline should be run for the benefit of the clubs and not self promotion or individual financial gain. This is apparent in more than one UK Skate Discipline and it fails to promote a positive inclusive skate culture.


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